At Village Veterinary, we understand how stressful emergency situations can be for both owners and their pets. No matter how big or small the event, it never occurs when you’re ready for it. This is why we work our hardest to accommodate unexpected circumstances whenever possible for our clients.

What to do:

If you find you need an emergency visit during regular business hours ( 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday through Friday), we will do our best to  find a way to fit you in.

  • Please take into consideration the impact this could make to our already busy schedule and understand the fee for a same day appointment will be more than a regular exam. We are happy to provide you with an estimate of the higher exam fee when you call to see if we can fit you in.
  • If there is any concern your pet may need further diagnostic work up and/or treatment beyond our rural capability ( MRI, orthopedic surgery, etc.) we may recommend your pet is transferred to a 24 hour care facility. We do this with both you and your pets best interest in mind, wanting only to make sure then have the best possible outcome for their health.

If you find you need an emergency visit AFTER regular business hours ( Anytime after 5 P.M. and before 9 A.M.):

  • We currently share a rotating call schedule with Detrick Veterinary Hospital of Fort Bragg. If you find you have an after hours emergency, our day time phone number (707-937-0300) will be answered by our answering service. They will direct you to the doctor or registered veterinary technician on call.
  • After 9 P.M. we will do our best to respond to serious emergencies for Village Veterinary clients only.

*In the rare event a doctor or a technician cannot be reached,  our answering service will direct you to  Pet Care of Santa Rosa.*